The Language of Youth Power

The only language worthy of faith is that which is born of necessity. – Eduardo Galeano

I collect quotes. Recently I read this article by Galeano, and here I want to celebrate the power of his words. In the context of our work, Galeano shows that all of the rhetoric, all of the ramblings, they all have a place when spoken by young people themselves. The necessity of my own speaking is questionable; the need for what youth say in respect to social change is not. Paulo Freire challenged us to “speak by listening”:

The space of the democratic-minded teacher who learns to speak by listening is interrupted by the intermittent silence of his or her own capacity to listen, waiting for that voice that may desire to speak for the depths of its own silent listening.

Thank you, Eduardo Galeano, reminding us why we have faith in the words that we hear.

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