Recommended: Free workshop for youth!

The Freechild Project fully, unreservedly recommends this workshop to every single friend of Freechild out there! Send your young people, your children, and your neighbor’s daughter!

What you got? 3rd Annual youth media fest!
Saturday, May 6th in Olympia

6-8pm “Fill-in-the-Blank” video production workshop w/Reel Grrls (FREE)

This is open to everyone to learn from these amazing and provocative
filmmakers. Reel Grrls believes that it is important for young people to
critically evaluate the media they are exposed to. Equipped with skills
to critically consume media, Reel Grrls empowers young people with the
tools to make their own media.

The Reel Grrls graduates will lead a camera workshop where the
participants will have the opportunity to learn basic camera skills in a
hands-on learning environment. During the workshop we will add one part
choose your own adventure and one part mad lib together with your
creativity to produce a short video!

Space is limited. Please call Adrienne at 701-7528 to reserve a space in
the workshop.

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