The Greatest City Ever?

In March 2005 the good folks of Hampton, Virginia brought me out to visit their youth involvement programs and to speak at a few gatherings there. What I saw may be the foremost example of infusing youth voice, involvement, and engagement throughout a city in the U.S. I saw dozens of examples of schools, community organizations, and the local government that are heavily interested and invested in young people. Following are some links to programs throughout the area, as well as articles and publications about what is going on in Hampton. Youth Engagement Programs in Hampton, Virginia

Articles about Hampton

Props to this great community for their commitment to youth engagement. I learned a lot from this community about establishing and maintaining a city-wide commitment to youth engagement, and I will share those lessons here in the next week. In the meantime, think about how your community is doing. What will it take to make youth engagement grow where you live?

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