There are many issues that youth voice can address. While my analysis has been widely casted, covering everything from social justice to youth rights to education reform, it is important for me to be informed by the broadest ideas out there.

The possibilities for engaging young people throughout society are endless, both in terms of what can be addressed and what can actually happen. In an interesting blog from the UK an author considers what it would take to use “An Inconvenient Truth” to teach students; another blog from the US discovers that young people have important considerations for the future of schools. Its an interesting thing, coming across these reflections from folks with different perspectives. In my regular research into the broad perspectives of Americans towards youth, I find a wide range of ideas about what young people can and cannot do. As I’ve grown a little more familiar with this landscape, I have found its important to acknowledge that each of these ideas is important. While some are more genuine or authentic than others, they each allow adults an important connection point to understand the possibilities of youth engagement.

The Contest

You have to find two examples of engaging young people that have never been acknowledged before. Share them with me, and then my challenge is to find examples of where they have been.

If I can’t find an example within a month, then I will give you a prize – A first edition copy of the brand new Washington Youth Voice Handbook, along with a copy of Hip Deep, a new collection of writing from youth connected to What Kids Can Do.

I I can find an example, then I get to use what you found on our websites, if applicable, and attribute you fairly.

Good luck! Send entries by clicking here.

Imagine all the regular fancy language about contests inserted here. If there are any special considerations, let me know. Contest entries must be recieved by 12/1/06. Etcetera.

Published by Adam Fletcher Sasse

I'm a creative who researches, writes, draws and promotes the history of North Omaha, Nebraska. I also write prose and poetry. When I'm not following my hobby, I'm an advocate for youth power who speaks, researches, consults and supports young people changing the world.

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