Generation TECH

My friend Scott runs a program called Generation TECH. Over the last 10 years he’s been working with Dennis Harper to pilot and develop and assess and redevelop a model for engaging students as tech experts in schools. In that time, 100s of schools have used the program, and wonderful things have happened. He is also a teacher at Capital High School here in Olympia, and a member of SoundOut’s Advisory Board. If all that weren’t enough, Scott also developed a model for replication called “learning mastery,” which engages students in a deliberate, reciprocal process for learning through teaching.

He and I just met to talk about the new SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum and explore different possibilities for it. We had a great conversation, and I will be developing some new angles within the curriculum in response to our discussion.

However, an interesting thought about learning mastery just leaked into my brain. Scott’s process is a cycle, and revolves around itself. While my “cycle of student engagement” alludes to the possibilities of a non-linear process, I want to see if I can hone the curriculum into that kind of a summary, in order to illustrate that engaging students in school improvement is not a linear event; instead, its ongoing and never-ending. It should be engrained throughout the process of education itself.

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