Youth voice is many things

  • Humming hard-drives and tapping keys
  • Spray cans smathering walls with murals and messages
  • Pounding hammers working to relieve a low-income housing shortage
  • Poetic cadences and screeching rock guitars
  • Loud, brash, honest back-and-forths in packed rooms

This is youth voice.

That punk show you saw a flyer for at the Co-op? That’s youth voice. Those teens fighting for a lower voting age? Youth voice. The annual Young Men’s Liberation Conference in Seattle? Youth voice. Its all over, working in many movements and calling for many changes.

The Washington Youth Voice Handbook details more than 50 unique ways that young people are representing themselves throughout diverse communities across my state. It provides a clear map for anyone interested in learning more, as well as anyone committed to doing something more.

Download it free and tell your friends about it – we have got to get the word out. Its online right now at


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