Teachers on Student Voice

In my experience at dozens of schools, its hard to know what teachers criticisms about student voice ever are. But thanks to a gutsy online bulletin board in the UK, we can get a clue. A group of teachers are discussing why you wouldn’t listen to students, and giving some pretty bold insights into general compliants:

Under what circumstances would you disallow the opinions of young people to not be heard?

If they put forward inappropriate things then yes they would be diasallowed.

I am in favour of student voice… it should be heard, even if the topic is “unacceptable”

Student voice is a forum for students to dicuss issues they are concerned with within the school

Sometimes they want to discuss issues that are beyond their remit … why shouldn’t they as long as they are aware of their sphere of influence

My problem with ‘Student Voice’ is the tw@ttiness of the term itself. It’s stupid, ungrammatical, and affected – I can imagine some SMT twonk using the phrase and me feeling sick. If it means taking account of pupils’ views – something good schools have always done – then let’s just say that.

These teachers offer other insights, as well. Read more here. (The same boards also discuss the roles of students hiring teachers.)

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