We’re Hitting the Road

Bring CommonAction to your organization or community! In 2007 we are offering promotional workshops for our new publication, the Washington Youth Voice Handbook. I am interested in presenting conference sessions and keynotes, organizational and program training workshops, special retreats and other events. There are two workshops I have developed for this purpose, both with flexible content that can be customized to your needs:
Workshop 1: Youth Voice 101 is an introductory session for participants to discover and explore why Youth Voice matters. In a hands-on, action-oriented session participants use CommonAction’s “Washington Youth Voice Handbook” to explore who, what, when, where, and how they can engage Youth Voice in the organizations and communities where they live.
Workshop 2: Advanced Youth Voice is an advanced session for participants to use research-based tools and critical thinking skills to examine their experience and plans for Youth Voice. Using CommonAction’s “Washington Youth Voice Handbook,” participants identify practical next steps through interactive action planning. Costs will vary according to location. CommonAction has partnered with several agencies in communities across our state, and we are able to offer these workshops at cost. Fees for presenting will be reduced for organizations throughout the West Coast, and costs in other locations will be negotiated according to availability and interest.
Wanna learn more? Contact the office at (360)753-2686 or email info at commonaction.org

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