Youth Rights Network

CommonAction is excited to announce our brand-new project! Working with the National Youth Rights Association, we are now sponsors of the YOUTH RIGHTS NETWORK, or YRN.

This exciting online tool is a Wiki for youth rights! Operating just like the famous Wikipedia, the YRN is an interactive database of resources for young people and adult allies concerned about youth rights! Anyone can use it, and ANYONE can edit it. Check it out, and find resources about the LAWS in your state or nation that affect youth. Find the STRUCTURES of school explained. Learn how to TABLE at the next rally in your city. Discover what more than 500 volunteer editors from around the world already have – that youth have RIGHTS, ENERGY and POWER – and that the YRN is where young people can learn more!

For more than a year, NYRA, a 5,000+ strong youth-led organization in Washington, DC, has been building the YRN – and just this week, we’ve become partners. Join us in building this exciting, hands-on tool for EVERYONE to benefit from!

Discover the YRN at right now!

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