The Privilege of a Month Off

I’ve been absent this last month. Somewhere between the middle of April and today I’ve traveled just about 15,000 miles, with flights to New York, Chicago and Denver and what seems like dozens of hour-long trips to and from Olympia to Seattle. CommonAction has put on workshops for just over 500 people in the last month; our new Meaningful Student Involvement Planning Guide was wrapped up; I received an unsolicited request for a book proposal from a major publisher(!); and I’ve been working on growing out the organization.

CommonAction has brought Amanda Irtz, a spectacular youth voice movement-minded professional, on board as our new Development Director. She’ll be working closely with me to identify, develop and secure a variety of funding in order to sustain and expand the work of The Freechild Project and SoundOut. Teddy Wright, coming to Seattle from Miami (and across the nation) is coming around as a trainer extraordinaire, focusing on growing out the Washington Youth Voice Institutes locally and nationally. My new friend Megan Sullivan, right here in Oly, is also going to join our development team by helping us secure local funding for local programs. And of course, I continue to await and prepare for the arrival of Andrea Felix, who is coming towards the end of her experience with the National Youth Council in Dominica through the Peace Corps.

What are we working towards? Survival for our democracy, in its grandest form. Watch this trailer and you’ll know where we’re going:

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