What ARE We Talking About?

Last night I had coffee with Shannon Stewart, the rawk star brainstorm behind Seattle’s VERA Project and the new All Ages Movement Project. As we talked, I had a moment of clarity that I want to share. When I get excited I talk a lot, and Shannon was a gracious and flattering listener – it was cool. But when I finally shut up, Shannon began to talk. Almost immediately I was reminded why we’d spent so much time talking together on the phone, and it reminded me why I was so excited to sit down with her: Shannon “gets” it.

I’ve talked about this phrase a lot with the youth in CommonAction’s workshops. “Who gets it?” “What does ‘it’ mean?” “What does it take to ‘get it’?” The answers are either as vague as I’m being on that day, or as random as the group of youth is – and it seems sometimes like every group of young people has the capacity to be completely random. Sometimes “it” is a list of characteristics, and that list can get long. Sometimes “it” are “types” of people, and sometimes “it” is just a feeling or intuition.

But “It” must be something more, and when I was talking with Shannon, I think I found “It” again – different, but the same. But now I’m not sure.

Send me an email or reply to this blog and tell me what you think we are talking about.

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