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I’m in the awkward position of looking for a location now. Last week after some discombobulation in my personal life I worked with CommonAction’s board to decide to close down the organization, including The Freechild Project and SoundOut. That means that I’m effectively without a job.

For the first time in seven years I find myself in the position of needing to do a job search. What is the best way to shop oneself around as a youth voice expert without a home? So I’m looking across the United States and Canada – I am Canadian – as well as internationally. I figure this is the best opportunity I’ve ever had to reach across these borders and get into the hearts and minds of the masses.

I would love to hear what any of the readers of this blog think. Email suggestions to me at adam@bicyclingfish.com



  1. This is a tad bit out there, Adam. However… You may consider looking at this:


    I do not know if it will help you. I do know however, that there are many golden opportunities out there.

    Grab one, and go. Even with the short half hour meeting I had with you just once, I learned all I needed to know. I appreciate your help, Adam. There’s a place for someone like you. Someone who actually cares about others.

    You’ll find a school based democracy someday, but you may consider. No democracy, or governmental figure of any type is perfect. Just get to the point where youth are the driving decision makers, not so much laws and policies. There’s a way out there, I’m quite sure there is.

    Good luck in your search, and keep in touch if you can. Or better yet, keep blogging. That way I have something to share later with my students when I get to being a real teacher. I would rather enjoy hearing of your works and accomplishments.


  2. Sorry to hear that, and I wish you well in your next endeavor.

    Adam, it’s tried and true, so buy the latest What Color Is Your Parachute? and if possible, also buy The Crystal-Barkley Guide to Taking Charge of Your Career.

    Crystal and Bolles pretty much refined and popularized the method of researching how to find the organizations that fit your values, needs, etc. and of preparing proposals that show the employer how you can meet their needs.

    Check out http://www.JobHuntersBible.com and http://www.careerlife.com.

    Search the Web to see if anyone is offering workshops on the Parachute method. Crystal Barkley also offers weeklong workshops.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Also check out “Ask Liz Ryan.” She gives sound advice (and believe me, there are many who don’t. She just did a podcast on a “wide open job search” — http://asklizryan.blogspot.com/2007/09/podcast-how-to-conduct-wide-open-job.html

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