The Myth of George Bush

Part of the challenge of George W. Bush’s administration is the temptation to blame it for all the ways young people in America are screwed with today. Poor youth? Bush. Youth violence? Bush. Pregnant teens, dropouts, youth homelessness, teen job rates… Bush. However, as Henry Girioux points out in his most recent article, the devious undermining of the health of democracy, civil rights and the public good in the US has been going on over the past several administrations. And despite our desire for change, the reality is that Barack Obama will most likely make those problems worse, not better.

Read Giroux’s article, called “Disposable Youth in a Suspect Society: A Challenge for the Obama Administration,” for the details. We have a battle to keep fighting, and just because there is great hope and promises of change doesn’t make that fight any easier. Worse still, it might actually become harder.

Published by Adam F.C. Fletcher

I'm a speaker, writer, trainer, researcher and advocate who researches, writes and shares about education, youth, and history.

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