’s Year-In-Review

One of the things I like to do at the start of every year is look back at the year before to see how’s users used the website. What sections did they visit the most, what topics were most popular, and so on. Knowing that helps me make decisions for the future of the site.
Here are some of the overall numbers for the last year. saw 360,000 visits in 2008 about 1,000 visits per day, and 775,000 pageviews, with about 2,100 pageviews per day. That’s just – it doesn’t include SoundOut or the downloads still at work. Those numbers are pretty typical for the last two years.
Those are some of the “big picture” numbers. Here are several more detailed lists to show the most popular content at during 2008.
Most popular pages on
As with just about every website, our home page gets the most traffic. But other than the home page, here are the five pages visited most in 2008.
I’m really suprised that the quotes page is in the top five.
Most popular actions of 2008
This is a list of the most visited topics in our actions database. While the general topic of youth activism is always the favorite, I had a few surprises this year.
Most popular issues of 2008
With all the issues introduced this last year it shouldn’t surprise me that the perennial favorites repeat themselves. The following are the most popular topics from our issue database.
Most popular resources of 2008
What are people using on the website? Following are the five most popular resources from our resource database.
So, there you have it – everything you ever wanted to know about content – and then some. Let’s see what 2009 brings, shall we?!?

Published by Adam F.C. Fletcher

I'm a speaker, writer, trainer, researcher and advocate who researches, writes and shares about education, youth, and history.

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