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There are many ways for people to work social media. A lot individuals follow a “Self-As-Brand” model, where an individual persona becomes the marketable aspect of a product or service. Another is the “One Big Name” model, which lumps everything about an individual or organization’s name and all the things they do. One of the strategies I’ve pursued on Facebook is to diversify my outreach in order to reach specific audiences.

In order to follow this strategy, I’ve sought to appeal to a range of audiences by creating and maintaining social media for each of my focus areas. Following is a list of my online outreach, along with information about what the issue is that outreach effort is addressing.

CommonAction – Engaging all people to change the world.

The Freechild Project – Connecting young people and social change. Includes examples, actions, and resources focused on youth voice, youth engagement, and systemic youth participation.

SoundOut – Promoting Meaningful Student Involvement in school change.

Heartspace Teachings – Showing personal engagement as a way to change the world.

Adam Fletcher

You can also always contact me directly by emailing or calling (360) 489-9680.

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