Meaningful Student Involvement Series

Do YOU know about the series of booklets I wrote detailing research, examples, and theory supporting Meaningful Student Involvement?

In 2003 and 2005, the HumanLinks Foundation provided support for me to create these booklets. The four publications together are a brief introduction to creating opportunities for student-inclusive school change in all grade levels. Through the Guide to Students as Partners in School Change; Stories of Meaningful Student Involvement; Meaningful Student Involvement Research Guide; and The Meaningful Student Involvement Resource Guide, this series explores the background, benefits, and applications of student voice in a variety of settings. There are tools for assessing local classrooms and schools, and more. 

Download any or all of the series from

Published by Adam Fletcher Sasse

I'm a creative who researches, writes, draws and promotes the history of North Omaha, Nebraska. I also write prose and poetry. When I'm not following my hobby, I'm an advocate for youth power who speaks, researches, consults and supports young people changing the world.

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