Adam Fletcher in Pittsburgh

Join CommonAction’s Adam Fletcher next month as he makes an appearance in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! The Allegheny County United Way is bringing Adam in to speak at the bi-annual APOST Conference. Adam will be on the scene throughout the day, presenting a keynote and a workshop for participants.

Presented in the first part of the APOST Conference, Adam’s keynote will be called Engage ALL Youth, Everywhere, ALL the Time! In his description, he says, “For a long time, the most engaged youth seemed predictable: They were successful, they were connected, and they made adults happy. Today, the picture is a lot different.” 

Adam goes on to share that his talk will focus audience members on the ways youth engagement is expanding, and how important it is to recognize where youth are engaged right now. Using stories, humor, and examples from his 20 plus years experience and research, Adam says the audience will be engaged themselves, learning practical, meaningful, and powerful ways to engage all youth, everywhere, all the time!

In the second part of the APOST Conference, Adam’s workshop is 5 Steps to Youth Engagement
Program. Adam explains, “Evaluators say it is a science and seasoned youth workers say it is an art. No matter which perspective you have, everyone admits it is a little of both.” He will use this workshop to look at some the key questions in youth engagement: What is youth engagement, What gets youth engaged, and What gets organizations real outcomes? 

Adam’s 5 Steps to Youth Engagement explore some of the gray areas of youth engagement like how to engage youth without spending money, the difference between youth participation and youth engagement, and how to engage someone repeatedly without burn out. He also addresses how to stop youth disengagement, how to understand the rules of youth engagement, and how to engage adults in engaging young people. You will leave with practical action you can use right away.
Learn more about the APOST Conference and join Adam this year by visiting the APOST Conference website today!

Published by Adam F.C. Fletcher

I'm a speaker, writer, trainer, researcher and advocate who researches, writes and shares about education, youth, and history.

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