About Rob Richards

Rob Richards is the Political Action Consultant for CommonAction Consulting.

A longtime community leader and nonprofit manager, Rob’s drive and passion have transformed lives and organizations.

Focused on merging organizational development with positive social impact, Rob focuses on helping organizations move beyond traditional measures. His work helps communities establish their footing and transform approaches through strategic design and practical implementation. His areas of expertise include campaign strategies, transformative communication, and community building.

Rob’s skills include brand and social audits, communications strategies, marketing plans, campaign development, team building, consensus building, crowdsourcing, and more. The outcomes of his work results in the clear alignment of projects with people, and increased outcomes from clear communication. Determined and passionate to make our world a better place for more people, Rob has always balanced and merged his work obligations with community commitments. Often focused on betterment for others’ circumstance, as well as his own, Rob strives to set and achieve goals as a way to advance with purpose. Analytical by nature, his strengths center on systems thinking as he easily identifies efficiencies for a greater return on investment of expenditure and effort towards goals. This allows organizations to develop equilibrium to support their outcomes while building teams and communities.

Rob strives to transform communities in positive, powerful ways by leveraging his experience against the desires, dreams and determination of organizations.

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