Creative Engagement

Participants at a workshop in Kentucky.
Creative Engagement is CommonAction’s signature program. Developed with and for community organizations, it is designed to meet needs in organizations that want to do what they do better. It provides practical tools to build sustained connections and to prevent disengagement.
The interactive program and resources were developed by Adam Fletcher, an internationally recognized expert in engaging people. Using research and experience, Fletcher built hands-on tools to create powerful learning experiences to meet the real needs of organizations today.
Funding from the HumanLinks Foundation, Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, National PTA, and the Charlotte Martin Foundation helped further develop, pilot and evaluate them.

Next Steps

You can

  • book workshops and/or 
  • use the free online resources and/or 
  • buy hardcopy resources from CommonAction. 

Just call us at (360) 489-9680 to discuss what meets your needs, our availability and costs!

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