Community Engagement

CommonAction is passionate about connecting people to the places they live, work, and play every day, and the people with whom they share those places. We assist an array of different types of organizations as they foster sustainable, effective, and powerful community engagement.

Our training, tools, and technical assistance support organizations and community groups to engage people in fuller, richer ways throughout the places they live, work, and play everyday. Our community empowerment work meets the needs of local and national nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, and other community-serving institutions. They can be customized to meet the need of attendees ages 8 to 80, youth workers, nonprofit leaders, government workers, and others.  These are some of the areas we support community empowerment:

  • Intro to Community Empowerment: Provides an overview of what community engagement is, where and how it happens, and why we need to be concerned about it. Gives a concrete overview of theory and practice, and focuses on real outcomes.
  • Leading Communities With Love: Focuses on the motivations of movements within themselves and how those affect social change. Use practical tools to uncover your beliefs and real case studies to move your action to the next level!
  • Connecting to Constituents: Participants learn hands-on tools for engagement. They study different approaches to making a difference, and identify new opportunities for deeper impact. 
  • Other topics include… Engaging Government as Allies, Not Enemies, Moving From Apathy to Solidarity, Diversity in Action, and many more.

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