CommonAction provides programs to support our mission.

Our Mission

CommonAction connects young people and adults in meaningful ways that can transform the world.

Freechild Institute for Youth Engagement

Since 2001, Freechild has provided tools, training and technical assistance supporting youth engagement at home, throughout the community, and around the world. Focused on engaging traditionally disengaged youth, Freechild highlights positive, powerful action to change the world. Visit the Freechild website »


Supporting more than 200 K-12 schools nationwide, SoundOut facilitates activities, provides professional development, and shares tools to support Meaningful Student Involvement throughout education. Visit the SoundOut website »

North Omaha History

This is Adam Fletcher Sasse’s research-driven project focused on the highlighting the people, places, and events that define North Omaha, Nebraska. A unique configuration of circumstances make his youthhood home distinctly interesting, including the convergence of African Americans in the Midwest with longstanding working class, middle class and upper class white neighborhoods. Visit the North Omaha History website »

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