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Student Voice ​Revolution: The Meaningful Student Involvement Handbook

Student Voice Revolution stack

(374 pgs, 2017). This is internationally-known student voice expert Adam Fletcher’s masterful vision ​for student voice, student engagement, student/adult partnerships, and more. Containing a plethora of information, this book is focused on engaging all students in every school as partners in every facet of education for the purpose of strengthening their commitment to learning, community, and democracy.

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North Omaha History: Volume Three

North Omaha History: Volume Three by Adam Fletcher Sasse

(292 pages, 2016) In the final book of the North Omaha History series, Adam Fletcher Sasse reveals more of the lost, hidden, neglected and denied history of this predominantly African American neighborhood. He shares biographies of historical crime bosses and an old woman who smoked stogies; details the role of transportation, and dives deep into the architecture in North Omaha. At the end, he shares a timeline of important people in the community’s history, including political, social, social, athletic, educational, economic, criminal and other figures. The book finishes with a bibliography and comprehensive index. 

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North Omaha History: Volume Two

North Omaha History: Volume Two by Adam Fletcher Sasse

(282 pages, 2016) From the outset, this book shares the history of education in North Omaha, including pioneer schools, Catholic schools, segregated schools, and more go on display. Fletcher Sasse then pays homage to his love of nature borne in North Omaha. The book details each cemetery in the community, as well as the complete history of lead poisoning in North Omaha. It revisits the civil rights movement, as well as other events such as the 1913 Easter Sunday tornado, mob terrorism, and more. The ending of the book includes a few important tours of the community, as well as a massive timeline of North Omaha history and a comprehensive index. 

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North Omaha History: Volume One 

North Omaha History: Volume One by Adam Fletcher Sasse

(274 pgs, 2016) The opening tome in the North Omaha History series, this book is a powerful intro this predominantly African American community. The book includes the histories of racism; community leaders; and an African American newspaper, as well as a section on 1960s rioting. Red lining in North Omaha is exposed, along with backgrounds on several historic neighborhoods. The appendices include more than 20 tours around North Omaha and a comprehensive index. 

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The Practice of Youth Engagement

(294 pgs, 2014) The result of more than twenty years study and work, this book shares essential lessons, powerful examples and deep insight for newcomers and longtime practitioners. It delves into the meaning, activities and outcomes of youth engagement with pages filled with tips and tricks, stories and reflections to spark deep thinking and stronger outcomes. Parents, youth educators, social workers, teachers and others who want to effectively work with young people will enjoy a short history of youth engagement in the United States; assessment rubrics; a collection of workshop outlines; and more.

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Facing Adultism

The cover of Facing Adultism by Adam Fletcher

(190 pgs, 2015) Summarizing a list of downfalls in modern society’s approach to teaching, parenting, and treating children and youth, this book offers new ways adults can stop their negative attitudes and behaviors towards young people. Showing how adultism affects everyone, he shows the way for anyone who wants to defeat discrimination against young people. In these pages, you’ll learn what adultism is; where adultism happens; and how YOU can make a difference. It can be rough out there for children and youth, and the ways we’re young shape our whole lives. 

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SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum

(378 pgs, 2012) In eight unique modules totaling 200 hours of classroom instruction, SoundOut features 24 detailed, practical lesson plans designed in actual classes with real students. Beginning with teaching students about schools and student voice, the curriculum then “pulls back the curtain” on education by showing students how to research schools, plan learning, teach classes, evaluate themselves and their teachers, make systemic decisions, and advocate for school improvement. Engaging, hands-on activities are punctuated with fun worksheets, and with a comprehensive teacher’s guide, there are no questions left unanswered. There are also planning guides, assessment tools, and more included. 

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The Guide to Student Voice

(66 pgs, 2014) With a professional, easy-to-read layout, this short book is packed with useful tips, powerful activities, and great guidance for anyone interested in student voice today! 

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The Freechild Project Youth-Driven Programming Guide

The Freechild Project Guide to Youth-Driven Programming

(38 pgs, 2013) This is an introduction to youth-driven programming for nonprofits, government agencies, and other youth-serving organizations. The booklet gives a definition and compares approaches, and then provides planning tools, evaluations and assessments, and more. It includes the Ladder of Youth Voice, rubrics for assessing youth-driven programming, and links to examples and resources that readers can explore on their own. 

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School Boards of the Future: A Guide to Students as Education Policy-Makers 

(54 pages, 2014) A manual highlighting examples, tips, promotional information and resources, as well as steps to implement student involvement. It also provides state-by-state profiles of students on school boards across the United States. 

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Suffering Love, Laughing at Myself

(60 pgs, 2013) Adam’s first collection of poetry covers many parts of life, including social issues, community and relationships. 

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