Our suite of services have been used by local, state, national and international organizations, including K-12 schools, government agencies, nonprofits and others. Our work focuses on engagement.

Professional Development

Facilitating exciting, interactive staff capacity building activities is key to CommonAction’s activities. We highlight organizational and community strengths in alignment with program objectives and results. We build on the future by increasing engagement in everything we do.

Client Engagement

Working directly with organizational clients, CommonAction provides in-depth insights into people. We develop customized interactions including events, education and outcomes. We also role model potential by demonstrating what anyone can do to engage others.

Outcome Improvement

CommonAction empowers organizational approaches and efficacy by weaving engagement into outcomes. We do this by improving programs and helping organizations reposition quickly to meet community needs.

Organizational Development

CommonAction ensures entire organizations are aligned for to engage people. We set up individuals to deliver on program objectives successfully. We also support staff throughout program implementation, evaluation, reporting and promotions.

Program Design

Creating ambitious approaches and implement powerful practical ways to get them done is a key strategy led by CommonAction. Identifying the skills, abilities and outcomes possible, we focus on results that are demonstrated through outcomes.
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