Student Engagement

Working with K-12 schools, districts, government education agencies, and education-oriented organizations, CommonAction staff have been providing professional development, training, tools, and technical assistance on student engagement since 2002. Our flagship program for student engagement is SoundOut. All SoundOut activities can be customized to meet attendee’s needs, including K-12 students, educators, administrators, counselors, and others. 

  • Intro to Meaningful Student Involvement. Teaches participants how to create powerful, purposeful approaches to engaging students as partners in schools.
  • Advanced Meaningful Student Involvement. A concrete series of exercises focused on integrating students as partners throughout education. 
  • Intro to Student Engagement. Develops both students’ and educators’ understanding what student engagement can do in school, including classrooms and school improvement activities.
  • Other topics include… More than Student Voice, Advanced Student Leadership Training, Successful Student Involvement in Decision-Making, Learning about Learning, Students as Partners in School Improvement, Engaging Nontraditional Student Leaders, Changing Classroom Climate, and more.

All our offerings are hands-on, interactive, customizable, research-driven, and experience-proven. We also learning communities focused on student engagement around the nation. Discover more about SoundOut, and for more information about what we can do for youcontact us today!

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