Youth Work on AutoPilot

Thinking can feel like a luxury. In times when we’re deep in the work we do and the ways we get it done, it can be nearly impossible to take care of ourselves. We are so busy meeting the needs of the kids, filling out forms for our bosses, or writing up the report forContinue reading “Youth Work on AutoPilot”

Does Every Youth Ask “Why Is The World So Mean?”

Sitting in a circle after our activity, an eighth grader asks me bluntly, “Why is the world so mean?” After a game, I was facilitating a conversation with a group. I’d asked the students to brainstorm different problems they saw around them, and name some of the ways they were affected by them. Someone saidContinue reading “Does Every Youth Ask “Why Is The World So Mean?””

Adults Fighting Adultism Part Four

Adultism is pervasive throughout society. The bias towards adults happens everywhere, all the time, from our families to our institutions; our economies to our cultures. This isn’t inherently bad; it simply is. The Roots of Adultism The social roots of adultism are supported by the belief that society exists in order to promote overconsumption, theContinue reading “Adults Fighting Adultism Part Four”

7 Steps to ConnectYoung People And Social Change

You can take action and connect young people with social change right now! 1. Engage Young People in Social Change Who better to work with children and youth than their peers? Learn how to empower young people to change the world by building engaged neighborhoods, schools and communities. START EMPOWERING YOUNG PEOPLE 2. Connect Young PeopleContinue reading “7 Steps to ConnectYoung People And Social Change”

A Tool for Measuring Youth Involvement

The Youth Measure of Involvement for Community Engagement, or Youth MICE model, represents the most powerful possibilities for young people’s involvement around the world. Individuals and organizations can use this model to start thinking about how young people can be infused throughout programs, organizations, and communities. This tool was designed by to foster reflection, consideration, andContinue reading “A Tool for Measuring Youth Involvement”

The CommonAction Principles of Learning

“I do not teach anyone,  I only provide the environment in which they can learn.”  — Albert Einstein This is me facilitating in Seattle in 2009. At CommonAction Consulting, we strive to create learning environments in all of our knowledge and skill-building activities. Over the last year we have facilitated learning for more than 4,500Continue reading “The CommonAction Principles of Learning”

New Student Voice Orgs!

Schools opening up for the year, and already new student voice organizations are popping up across the US! The ones I’m most interested in are focused on engaging students within the education system, and line up with my Frameworks for Meaningful Student Involvement. Here’s a low-down on what’s come across my radar so far: StudentsContinue reading “New Student Voice Orgs!”

Presenting… Seattle Youth Media Camp!

Standing in the projection booth, Sekai stood still and simply scanned around the audience, ease and grace filling her expression. In the meantime, Young hustled and Sun wasn’t there. I was standing mid-audience and Austin was talking to the crowd gathered. Despite the apparent chaos, in that instant it all made sense and everything wasContinue reading “Presenting… Seattle Youth Media Camp!”