Stop Beating Kids: Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools

Spanking Slapping Smacking Pulling ears Pinching Shaking Hitting with rulers, belts, wooden spoons, extension cords, slippers, hairbrushes, pins, sticks, whips, rubber hoses, flyswatters, wire hangers, stones, bats, canes, or paddles Forcing a child to stand for a long time Forcing a child to stay in an uncomfortable position Forcing a child to stand motionless ForcingContinue reading “Stop Beating Kids: Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools”

Please Donate to The Freechild Project

Do you support engaging young people in social change? Do you want to promote new roles for young people throughout society? Help keep The Freechild Project website online!  Please donate today. Freechild includes a massive website full of free resources for young people and their adult allies. The mission of The Freechild Project is toContinue reading “Please Donate to The Freechild Project”

Want to Stop Violence? Change Yourself.

I just got an email from Ari Melman, who leads Philadelphia’s Urban Playground. Concerned about the violence raging throughout his city, Ari wanted to know why the youth movement hasn’t succeeded in fostering the mass social change we need in order to stem this type of response. This is what I replied with: Primarily, I would suggest thatContinue reading “Want to Stop Violence? Change Yourself.”

Critical Thinking About Volunteerism

This last month I’ve been talking with Emma Margraf, the Director of Special Projects at the Volunteer Center of Lewis, Mason, and Thurston Counties. Our conversation is a critical dialog on volunteerism in American society, and we plan to continue it. Following is the text of the first blog entry from this series, with theContinue reading “Critical Thinking About Volunteerism”

August 2010 Newsletter

Hello Friends of CommonAction! This is a test to see if you like the idea of me putting out a monthly newsletter for CommonAction Consulting. It’s going to be a monthly summary of work that’s going on, including stuff for Freechild and SoundOut. If you like it, subscribe at! About CommonAction CommonAction Consulting isContinue reading “August 2010 Newsletter”

Waiting, or Working?

I’m flying right now and thinking about my roots in youth engagement. One of those roots grew about 20 years ago when I was a teenager living in Omaha, Nebraska. The year I was 15 I was invited to go to Chicago for an anti-youth violence conference. It was my first conference, my first airplaneContinue reading “Waiting, or Working?”

Student-Driven Individual Education Planning

Meaningful Student Involvement takes many forms in many different ways. Over the next week I’m going to explore some of those different ways that Meaningful Student Involvement happens throughout the education system today. Here are some of my thoughts on students as individual education planners, meaning that they’re planning their own learning in some way,Continue reading “Student-Driven Individual Education Planning”