Two Year Anniversay

January marked the two year anniversary of the blog. Its seen an interesting period in my personal and professional career, as I’ve transitioned so much. Here are some of my reflections from the last period: Building a nonprofit organization is hard. There is a particular skill set, level of energy and commitment that itContinue reading “Two Year Anniversay”

The Terrible Twos

The so-called “Terrible Twos” are a myth.  Supposedly coined by a drunken postmaster in the 1800s, the phrase has become ubiquitous among new parents everywhere I hear anyone talking about children. I have raised a child through them and participated in the upbringing of a number of nieces and nephews, and every adult in myContinue reading “The Terrible Twos”

Adam Fletcher – The Freechild Project

Note: I just finished this interview for a community newspaper in New York City, and they gave me permission to repost it here. Enjoy Adam Fletcher is the founder and coordinator of The Freechild Project, one of the world’s largest online repositories for information about social change led by young people. We talked with AdamContinue reading “Adam Fletcher – The Freechild Project”

Hello New York City!

BIG NEWS! As of today I’m starting a new track here in New York City. I’ve accepted a position with a great organization and moved across the United States to work for a group called Learner-Centered Initiatives. For the last 15 years they have provided professional development programs for K-12 schools across the state, withContinue reading “Hello New York City!”

Netsquared Interview with Adam Fletcher

Youth And The Web: Adam Fletcher From Free Child Project Originally posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on January 12, 2006 at 8:20pm at The Olympia, Washington based Free Child Project engages in a large number of activities to support youth led social change. Their mission reads: The Freechild Project seeks to advocate, inform, and celebrate socialContinue reading “Netsquared Interview with Adam Fletcher”

Introducing The Freechild Project: Get Info You Need

It used to be that if you wanted to get information about young people changing the world, you’d have to know that they were doing that first. Then you’d have to look through a handful of self-serving nonprofit websites designed to hype particular types of youth-led social change. You could search a certain activity, keyword, hashtagContinue reading “Introducing The Freechild Project: Get Info You Need”