Freechild Project Youth-Driven Programming Guide

NOW AVAILABLE on AMAZON.COM: The Freechild Project Youth-Driven Programming Guide   “This guide is an introduction to youth-driven programming for nonprofits, government agencies, and other youth-serving organizations. The booklet gives a definition and compares approaches, and then provides planning tools, evaluations and assessments, and more. It includes the Ladder of Youth Voice, rubrics for assessingContinue reading “Freechild Project Youth-Driven Programming Guide”

2012 CommonAction Summary

With the last weekend of the year upon us, it gives our CommonAction family a chance to take a snapshot of our achievements in 2013, along with the young people, adult allies, and communities we serve! This includes the activities of CommonAction Consulting, The Freechild Project, SoundOut, and Heartspace, our websites, training, technical assistance, speaking,Continue reading “2012 CommonAction Summary”

Situational Student Voice

Recently, Zak Malamed of a new organization called Student Voice hosted me in a conversation on the topic of student voice. In a dynamic, exhilarating dialogue with what seemed like dozens, I responded to questions about student voice, student engagement, meaningful student involvement, and much more. It was kinda awesome. In the course of conversation I wasContinue reading “Situational Student Voice”

Adam Fletcher Writes About Schools

Recently, I was asked what I’d written about schools and learning. Beginning my career with twelve years as an informal educator working in education and community settings, I have spent the last decade as an advocate and author for school reform. Two decades in, I think its best to summarize my writing with this summaryContinue reading “Adam Fletcher Writes About Schools”

CommonAction Citation Round Up

In this month’s citation roundup, I’ve uncovered a variety of new publications and websites that are using CommonAction’s materials in a variety of ways. Included here are organizations, books, websites, blogs, and other sources that have used our materials. I have only recently uncovered these. “It is not enough to simply listen to student voice.Continue reading “CommonAction Citation Round Up”

Adam Fletcher: Speaker for Hire

After completing a youth speaking program through Omaha’s Urban League when I was 14, I gave my first public speech related to youth. Talking to a neighborhood church about youth in our community, I gave a rousing call to arms for church members to support activities me and my friends by volunteering and with donations.Continue reading “Adam Fletcher: Speaker for Hire”