Scholastic Administrator Interview with Adam Fletcher

“Meet Your New Boss,” an article by Caralee Adams, is a rambling homage to what I have named Meaningful Student Involvement, and what she simply titled student input. Adams managed to interview almost every major figure in the student voice movement in the United States, including me. Working from the question, “Ever asked students toContinue reading “Scholastic Administrator Interview with Adam Fletcher”

Growing Up As A Free Child

Adam’s Note: This was an exercise I wrote for an early version of my memoir. I share it here cautiously… Growing Up As A Free Child “Free children are not easily influenced; the absence of fear accounts for this phenomenon. Indeed, the absence of fear is the finest thing that can happen to a child.”Continue reading “Growing Up As A Free Child”

Meaningful Student Involvement: Guide to students as partners in school change

In 2007, I finished a series of booklets introducing my vision for education called “Meaningful Student Involvement”. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of K-12 schools, government education agencies, and learning-focused nonprofits to teach my philosophy. Preparing for a presentation today in Spokane, Washington, for 21st Century Community Learning Center sites from across theContinue reading “Meaningful Student Involvement: Guide to students as partners in school change”

A Response to Meaningful Student Involvement

Coming on almost a decade since I began working in education, to this day I had yet to encounter an honest response to my proposal for educational transformation focused on my conception of Meaningful Student Involvement. However, today I came upon a blog post by a PamJoyce, who mentioned me by name in her post. ItContinue reading “A Response to Meaningful Student Involvement”

A Biography of Adam Fletcher

Adam Fletcher is an internationally-renowned human engagement expert at CommonAction Consulting. He has a background working with individuals of all ages and organizations of all sizes, including schools and community organizations, government agencies, and businesses. Adam earned a bachelor’s degree in human engagement from The Evergreen State College and conducted graduate studies in educational leadershipContinue reading “A Biography of Adam Fletcher”

Interview About Inspiring Youth

A high school student from Montana sent me a few interview questions last week, and I thought I’d share my answers with you. What would you consider the best way to inspire youth to become more active? After more than 20 years experience working and teaching adults how to inspire youth, I have learned theContinue reading “Interview About Inspiring Youth”