The Threatening Effects of Adultism

I’ve been writing about different ways adultism effects people for my forthcoming book on discrimination against children and youth. Studying a number of ways adultism effects young people, adults, and whole communities, following is part of the summary of what I’ve found. The Threatening Effects of Adultism Since adultism is the bias towards adults, youngContinue reading “The Threatening Effects of Adultism”

The Cultural Effects of Adultism

For a while, I’ll be writing about different ways adultism effects people for my forthcoming book on discrimination against children and youth. I have studied a number of ways adultism effects young people, adults, and whole communities. This is a summary of what I’ve found. The Cultural Effects of Adultism on Organizations Every nonprofit, governmentContinue reading “The Cultural Effects of Adultism”

Adults Fighting Adultism Part Four

Adultism is pervasive throughout society. The bias towards adults happens everywhere, all the time, from our families to our institutions; our economies to our cultures. This isn’t inherently bad; it simply is. The Roots of Adultism The social roots of adultism are supported by the belief that society exists in order to promote overconsumption, theContinue reading “Adults Fighting Adultism Part Four”

10 Signs You’re Experiencing Adultism

Here’s the new “10 Signs You’re Experiencing Adultism” poster I made for The Freechild Project. Following are the 10 signs: “You’ll understand when you get older” is your middle name. You’re forced to go to school. You aren’t allowed to choose your clothes, the people you hang out with, or the places you spend yourContinue reading “10 Signs You’re Experiencing Adultism”

111 Ways To Engage Youth

All young people can be engaged fully and wholly, everyday in every way. I have spent a career promoting the concept of an engaged world for all people, especially children and youth. Studying others practices, conducting research, and doing my work, I have come to define youth engagement as the sustained connections young people haveContinue reading “111 Ways To Engage Youth”

Coming May 2013: “Inconvenient Youth” by Adam Fletcher

CommonAction is proud to announce Coming May 2013 “Inconvenient Youth: A Guide to Discrimination Against Young People”  by Adam Fletcher, founder of The Freechild Project. Contact us for information, including author booking and appearances, orders, and more. Email Phone (360) 489-9680

Freechild Project Youth-Driven Programming Guide

NOW AVAILABLE on AMAZON.COM: The Freechild Project Youth-Driven Programming Guide   “This guide is an introduction to youth-driven programming for nonprofits, government agencies, and other youth-serving organizations. The booklet gives a definition and compares approaches, and then provides planning tools, evaluations and assessments, and more. It includes the Ladder of Youth Voice, rubrics for assessingContinue reading “Freechild Project Youth-Driven Programming Guide”

Youth Segregation

Youth segregation rages across western society. Moving young people into full-time schools, part time afterschool programs for children and youth, youth-exclusive work environments, youth-isolated commercial spaces, and excluding them from public, democratic duties and spaces is creating a crisis of purpose, possibilities, and hope in our times, right now. Youth segregation is terrible for ourContinue reading “Youth Segregation”

Listen Without Lenses

It’s like we have lenses in our ears. Adults, in all our vain glory, seem to have a distinct inability to simply listen to young people. Instead, all our well-intended programs and processes designed to listen to youth voice and student voice are all filtered through the ed reform jargon we speak, or reduced intoContinue reading “Listen Without Lenses”

Youth Segregation: What It Looks Like

One of the main points of youth involvement activities is to foster a deeper connection between young people and the communities they are part of. They become connected physically by spending time; mentally by sharing their thoughts; emotionally by sharing their feelings; and in many other powerful ways too. Whether they are involved in schools,Continue reading “Youth Segregation: What It Looks Like”