Getting the Story Straight

Society is usually schizophrenic in the ways it treats youth. But once in a while, it goes from being schizophrenic to actually telling the truth. That truth is hidden though, and today I want to expose it. I usually try to leave these complicating exposures to the individuals and organizations that are very good atContinue reading “Getting the Story Straight”

Yes, Paige, Yours is a Conscious Generation

In the ongoing battle against ingnorance in psuedo-liberal journalism, yet another 20-something is smashing her generation by proudly proclaiming her new-found understanding that, “…my generation missed political action class. Perhaps it fell through the public school cracks somewhere… and the current state of our own country was never mentioned.” Paige Doughty, a seemingly globe-trotting MasterContinue reading “Yes, Paige, Yours is a Conscious Generation”

Dangerous Crossings

There is a problem that plagues almost every attempt CommonAction has made to promote youth engagement in schools and communities. I’m not niave: this same problem affects every movement to promote inclusive democracy. That problem, you ask? The System. The System was created a long, long time ago by a group of well-to-do white men,Continue reading “Dangerous Crossings”

The Synthetic Wilderness of Chilhood

The latest edition of Harpers magazine, Donovan Hohn shares an essay called “Moby-Duck, or, the Synthetic Wilderness of Childhood”. While telling the story of a load of rubber ducks that float across the oceans and around the world, Hohn explores society’s perceptions of childhood today. There is an entire section on how the way societyContinue reading “The Synthetic Wilderness of Chilhood”

The ‘Epidemic of Pediaphobia.’

There seems to be a growing consensus among academics, critics, social observers, and a host of other people that supports the contention that young people face a range of discrimination for a range of reasons. A recent article explores one of my favorite authors’ perspective on children today: Novelist Barbara Kingsolver has observed that childrenContinue reading “The ‘Epidemic of Pediaphobia.’”

Introduction to Pedophobia

I wrote the following article for Wikipedia, and for a while it was being threatened with deletion as some of the editors there didn’t feel it worthy of inclusion. The consensus was to keep it, but for the sake of sharing I thought I would include it here. I have expanded on it a bit,Continue reading “Introduction to Pedophobia”

Ageism, Adultism, & More

Today, as I continued to quench my thirst for knowledge via Wikipedia, I came across a pattern of discrimination that jarred me. As I was working on the ephebiphobia article, I decided to search a few research databases for background info. Low and behold, I struck upon a massive study conducted by the Institute forContinue reading “Ageism, Adultism, & More”

Exploring Internalized Adultism

Ya know what makes adultism so terrible? It is so friggin’ pervasive. Everywhere I look, every time I see adults and children and youth interacting, it is there. Stores? Yep. Daycare? Yep. Schools? Oh yeah. Adultism is so everywhere that I often hear myself in the middle of saying something adultist to my three-year-old beforeContinue reading “Exploring Internalized Adultism”

Connecting Adultism and Commercialism

Working on my final edits for the Washington Youth Voice Handbook I stumbled across a connection that I want to share with you. In my past rants against commercialism, I have had a difficult time making clear connections between adultism and commercialism. However, I think I’m getting closer: Young people know things about young people,Continue reading “Connecting Adultism and Commercialism”

Exploring Adultism

Early in November I spent some quality time with Jenny Sazama and Karen Young of Youth On Board back in Boston. While we were discussing our projects, Jenny happened to explain how she, working with a group of folks involved with Co-Counseling, had choose to address discrimination against youth. She said something to the effectContinue reading “Exploring Adultism”