Adults Fighting Adultism Part Four

Adultism is pervasive throughout society. The bias towards adults happens everywhere, all the time, from our families to our institutions; our economies to our cultures. This isn’t inherently bad; it simply is. The Roots of Adultism The social roots of adultism are supported by the belief that society exists in order to promote overconsumption, theContinue reading “Adults Fighting Adultism Part Four”

10 Signs You’re Experiencing Adultism

Here’s the new “10 Signs You’re Experiencing Adultism” poster I made for The Freechild Project. Following are the 10 signs: “You’ll understand when you get older” is your middle name. You’re forced to go to school. You aren’t allowed to choose your clothes, the people you hang out with, or the places you spend yourContinue reading “10 Signs You’re Experiencing Adultism”

Coming May 2013: “Inconvenient Youth” by Adam Fletcher

CommonAction is proud to announce Coming May 2013 “Inconvenient Youth: A Guide to Discrimination Against Young People”  by Adam Fletcher, founder of The Freechild Project. Contact us for information, including author booking and appearances, orders, and more. Email Phone (360) 489-9680

A Culture of Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is everywhere. It’s our culture of age discrimination that ensures everyone discriminated against because of their age, and everyone will discriminate against someone because of their age at some point in their lives. Until we recognize this cause-and-effect relationship we all experience, we cannot truly fight any aspect of age discrimination. Understanding Age First,Continue reading “A Culture of Age Discrimination”


Eating away at the heart of democracy today, the fear of youth is a force that’s destroying families, community, and society. Known as ephebiphobia, this phenomenon is a wide-spread cultural force that causes adults to scoot away from kids in restaurants, voters to wage campaigns against public schools, and seniors to move away from neighborhoods withContinue reading “Ephebiphobia”


Adultism is a primary assumption in western culture. Commonly defined as discrimination against youth, I believe adultism is also bias towards adults, and the addiction to adults. This reality is the basis for many laws, customs, and beliefs in our society, and slowly, steadily betrays both the adults and young people it affects most. AdultismContinue reading “Adultism”

Youth Segregation

Youth segregation rages across western society. Moving young people into full-time schools, part time afterschool programs for children and youth, youth-exclusive work environments, youth-isolated commercial spaces, and excluding them from public, democratic duties and spaces is creating a crisis of purpose, possibilities, and hope in our times, right now. Youth segregation is terrible for ourContinue reading “Youth Segregation”

Youth Segregation: What It Looks Like

One of the main points of youth involvement activities is to foster a deeper connection between young people and the communities they are part of. They become connected physically by spending time; mentally by sharing their thoughts; emotionally by sharing their feelings; and in many other powerful ways too. Whether they are involved in schools,Continue reading “Youth Segregation: What It Looks Like”

Making Adultism Okay

In many settings today, there is an increasing amount of attention towards racial, gender, and other forms of discrimination. However, little is made of a very real form of discrimination that is undermining a lot of well-meaning educators’ work with students today: adultism. In my new book, Ending Discrimination Against Young People, I define adultism inContinue reading “Making Adultism Okay”

Youth Tokenism Pt 2.

A while ago I wrote a post trying to make plain what youth tokenism is. Here I’m trying to simplify it. Following are signs youth are being treated in simplistic ways. Signs Youth are Being Tokenized Adults talk about issues affecting youth without talking to youth.  Adults consistently ask youth to speak about being a youth.Continue reading “Youth Tokenism Pt 2.”