Well-Meaning Adults Are Undermining Young People

Things dropped by well-meaning adults still do what?!? There are several ways that adults undermine young people. I have grouped them into three main categories: well-meaning adults, indifferent adults, and hostile adults. This post is exploring the first category, well-meaning adults. They are determined to “help kids”, and can often be identified as progressive teachers,Continue reading “Well-Meaning Adults Are Undermining Young People”

Do Not Let Go Of Young Adults

Youth engagement happens way into young adulthood. During one of my recent training events, participants were fixated on the end of youth. “When is youth over?” “How do youth move on?” “Can we just declare a youth finished?” “Youth” is never finished. We are all always youth, and we can never truly leave our youthContinue reading “Do Not Let Go Of Young Adults”

Adultism and Classism

After getting prompted to expand on it in the “I Fight Adultism!” group on facebook, tonight I’m thinking about the inseparable connection between adultism and classism. Definitions Adultism is bias towards adults. Classism is discrimination against someone because of their social class. Class is the grouping of people according to their social, economic, or educational status.Continue reading “Adultism and Classism”

How to Start Engaging Children and Youth

As a seasoned youth worker, I have met my share of “good kids”. You know, the ones who were excited to do activities and eager to please adults? Generally, they are excited at the right times, attentive when they’re supposed to be, and friendly almost all the time. I was not one of those kidsContinue reading “How to Start Engaging Children and Youth”

Adultism is Tearing Nonprofits Apart!

Download the full version of this article here. As a consultant, I work with organizations that serve children and youth across the United States. I am regularly called in by local and national nonprofits, government agencies, foundations, and others to help figure out why their programs for young people are failing. Like an emergency roomContinue reading “Adultism is Tearing Nonprofits Apart!”

The Effects of Adultism on Morale

Over the last few days I’ve been writing about the effects of adultism on organizations and programs that intend of help children and youth. Here is another one. The Effects of Adultism on Morale Adultism lowers the expectations, abilities, and outcomes of organizations. Young people may be found doing more whispering than working, acting hostileContinue reading “The Effects of Adultism on Morale”

The Threatening Effects of Adultism

I’ve been writing about different ways adultism effects people for my forthcoming book on discrimination against children and youth. Studying a number of ways adultism effects young people, adults, and whole communities, following is part of the summary of what I’ve found. The Threatening Effects of Adultism Since adultism is the bias towards adults, youngContinue reading “The Threatening Effects of Adultism”

The Cultural Effects of Adultism

For a while, I’ll be writing about different ways adultism effects people for my forthcoming book on discrimination against children and youth. I have studied a number of ways adultism effects young people, adults, and whole communities. This is a summary of what I’ve found. The Cultural Effects of Adultism on Organizations Every nonprofit, governmentContinue reading “The Cultural Effects of Adultism”

10 Signs You’re Experiencing Adultism

Here’s the new “10 Signs You’re Experiencing Adultism” poster I made for The Freechild Project. Following are the 10 signs: “You’ll understand when you get older” is your middle name. You’re forced to go to school. You aren’t allowed to choose your clothes, the people you hang out with, or the places you spend yourContinue reading “10 Signs You’re Experiencing Adultism”

Coming May 2013: “Inconvenient Youth” by Adam Fletcher

CommonAction is proud to announce Coming May 2013 “Inconvenient Youth: A Guide to Discrimination Against Young People”  by Adam Fletcher, founder of The Freechild Project. Contact us for information, including author booking and appearances, orders, and more. Email info@commonaction.org Phone (360) 489-9680