Loosening the Evaluation Stranglehold

Every day, young people around the world—including Pittsburgh and all of Allegheny County—struggle to connect in meaningful ways to the world around them. They’re yanked on and dragged around by the adults in the lives, being sent to school, dropped off in after school programs, made to come to dinner, forced to kiss their greatContinue reading “Loosening the Evaluation Stranglehold”

Conditions for Youth-Driven Programs

Following is a simple assessment organizations can use to determine whether they really want to create youth-driven programming. I repurposed it from a tool the spectacular Michael Fielding of the University of Sussex originally created for schools, with his permission. This tool can provide a straight-forward tool for practical conversations in nonprofits, community groups, andContinue reading “Conditions for Youth-Driven Programs”

Assessing Youth Involvement

One of the most important questions that is never asked in the youth voice movement is “Which youth are listened to?”, which includes “Which youth are involved?” When you look at the young people in your program, organization, or community who are “involved”, what do they look like? What do they act like? What attitudesContinue reading “Assessing Youth Involvement”