The Problem of “Racing” To The Top

Learning is not a race. It is not a battle, it is not a war, it is not a pesky insect in your ear. Learning is something that all people do by nature of being human, and it is something to embrace. For some of my readers, this might be a bit pedantic, something thatContinue reading “The Problem of “Racing” To The Top”

Reconsidering the Summer of Service

The White House is announcing the 2009 Summer of Service in conjunction with the Corporation for National and Community Service within a week. The first summer of service happened in the 1960s in honor of the vision of President Kennedy, who sought to build a culture of service among American youth. There was a lullContinue reading “Reconsidering the Summer of Service”

Enabling Optimism Towards Youth

Michelle Obama is my hero of the week. For the last twenty years, including much of my teens and all my adult life, the general attitude of society towards young people has been one of fear and loathing: I grew up in the age of zero tolerance, anti-cruising laws, youth-being-tried-as-adults, and the generally crass demonizationContinue reading “Enabling Optimism Towards Youth”

The Devestating Impact of Recession on Young People

There are too many ways to slice this pie, so I want to be brief here. The U.S. Recession of 2007-2008-? has had and will continue to have devestating impacts on children and youth. Here’s an accounting of those ways: Family and individual homelessness Health insurance coverage Larger classroom sizes [for naysayers] Fewer afterschool programsContinue reading “The Devestating Impact of Recession on Young People”

The Myth of George Bush

Part of the challenge of George W. Bush’s administration is the temptation to blame it for all the ways young people in America are screwed with today. Poor youth? Bush. Youth violence? Bush. Pregnant teens, dropouts, youth homelessness, teen job rates… Bush. However, as Henry Girioux points out in his most recent article, the deviousContinue reading “The Myth of George Bush”

Mike Males: Will Obama Betray Youth?

With the excitement of the election of Barack Obama last Tuesday its can be difficult to see through the dilemmas facing us. In reality there is a gap between our best wishes and the truth behind past rhetoric and reality. For the past few years I’ve had the privelage of serving on the National YouthContinue reading “Mike Males: Will Obama Betray Youth?”

Barack Obama and American Youth

This is the sixth of six posts today celebrating the election of Barack Obama as the next President of the United States. Congratulations to everyone out there who worked for Obama’s election and had a role in this vote for change. I’ll share my reflections at the end of this post. Throughout the course ofContinue reading “Barack Obama and American Youth”

Barack Wins the Under-18 Vote

Well, I’m no fan of mock voting, and as a matter of fact I stand firmly in opposition to it. However, I do appreciate that at the very least it raises the visibility of Youth Voice. It seems that the preliminary estimates from the National Mock Election, held last week across the United States, showContinue reading “Barack Wins the Under-18 Vote”