False Choice Kills Social Change

We are faced with piles of choices every single day. Advertising pumps tons of clothing and cars, household cleaners and soda for us to choose from. Our friends and communities make these choices seem more real, as we are surrounded by people who want the same things, and everyone strives towards similar goals.  However, atContinue reading “False Choice Kills Social Change”

Smarter than Me: Commercialism Fighters

Participants in my workshops, my friends and my family all know that I the first to admit that I am not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. There are gaps in my analyses, holes in my logic and challenges to my theory, not to mention dilemmas with my own practice; let me acknowledge that rightContinue reading “Smarter than Me: Commercialism Fighters”

Youth Marketing Blogs Tangent #3

In my continuing saga to rid the world of the crass commercialization of youth and the marketing of homogeneity, I would like to bring your attention back to YPulse. As some of you remember from my other forays into this conversation, I’ve got beef with people who sell youth, sell to youth, and promote theContinue reading “Youth Marketing Blogs Tangent #3”

Young People as Enviable

This is post 2 of 5 exploring popular perceptions of young people today. Marketers have spent more than a half century trying to convince consumers to buy the image of youth being a perfect time, filled with frivolity and carelessness. Literature portrays an idyllic time of life that is airy, unassuming and light. Pop musicContinue reading “Young People as Enviable”

Convenient Youth Bashing

I just read an article about Wilton High School in Connecticut. Students there worked with a teacher to write a play about the Iraq War, which got squashed by school administration before it was put on. Most of the response to this travesty has been about free speech and anti-war rhetoric, all of which isContinue reading “Convenient Youth Bashing”

Kids Getting Older Younger

The Freechild Project has faced charges of wanting to create “little adults”: young people who have with knowledge and/or abilities thought to be the divine provenance of adults. In one online rant an writer rails against the Freechild website, saying that Freechild.org – more accurately imprisonchild.org – encourages practices that are meant to integrate childrenContinue reading “Kids Getting Older Younger”

Connecting Adultism and Commercialism

Working on my final edits for the Washington Youth Voice Handbook I stumbled across a connection that I want to share with you. In my past rants against commercialism, I have had a difficult time making clear connections between adultism and commercialism. However, I think I’m getting closer: Young people know things about young people,Continue reading “Connecting Adultism and Commercialism”