5 Ways To Stop School Shootings

Change begins with each of us individually. Here are 5 things you can do to stop the next school shooting: Know a Young Person. They’re all around you, whether or not you care. Well, start caring. It may be hard because you might need to learn new behaviors and they might challenges your assumptions. ButContinue reading “5 Ways To Stop School Shootings”

10 Ways To Promote Youth Engagement

Adam Fletcher facilitating a youth engagement workshop in 2012. Here’s 10 things you can do to promote youth engagement right now. These don’t require you to graduate high school, get a college degree, or change the whole entire world right now. Instead they are things you can do right now!  Learn about Youth Engagement. DidContinue reading “10 Ways To Promote Youth Engagement”

Steal this Voice?

When people proclaim to want to hear others’ voices, they’re often assuming that those people don’t want to or are incapable of doing anything other than sharing their voice. This includes schools that want to hear parents’ voices, youth-serving organizations that want to listen to youth voice, businesses that want customers to make token choices,Continue reading “Steal this Voice?”