Student Voice and Dropouts

Dropping out of school can be one of the most powerful forms of student voice. As inconvenient as it may be for educators, administrators, and frustrated parents, dropping out can be the ultimate vote of no-confidence from a young person about their education. In the last few years, the topic of “dropout re-engagement” has becomeContinue reading “Student Voice and Dropouts”

From “Wild in the Streets” to “The Hip Hop Project”

When people ask me what happened to the youth activism movement of the 1960s and 70s, I usually try to explain that when the protests and picketing and battles of those days happened, the media painted them as the novelty of a wayward generation. This allowed adults to sympathize or empathize, and drove positive publicityContinue reading “From “Wild in the Streets” to “The Hip Hop Project””

How to Stop Students from Dropping Out

Want to know how to stop a student from dropping out of school? Ask them. At the center of a new cauldron of education reform discussion is an emerging debate about the role of student engagement in school improvement. This conversation concerns itself with the levels of phsycologicial, social, emotional, and intellectual investment students possessContinue reading “How to Stop Students from Dropping Out”