*Interdependent* Living Skills

Independent living skills, or ILS, programs are run by nonprofits and government agencies for the purpose of “disadvantaged” youth what they need to know in order to be “successful” adults. Working with foster, homeless, and formally incarcerated youth, these programs focused on teaching young people about finances, the education system, maintaining a household, and other topics adultsContinue reading “*Interdependent* Living Skills”

Poverty and Youth Voice

“In our hearts we are wandering gypsies;in our minds we are heirs to the jewels.To the poor we are swaddled in riches;To the rich we ain’t nothing but poor.”– Mark Heard The last school year has been incredible and busy. I have worked in schools across the country with SoundOut. I started working with AmandaContinue reading “Poverty and Youth Voice”

From “Wild in the Streets” to “The Hip Hop Project”

When people ask me what happened to the youth activism movement of the 1960s and 70s, I usually try to explain that when the protests and picketing and battles of those days happened, the media painted them as the novelty of a wayward generation. This allowed adults to sympathize or empathize, and drove positive publicityContinue reading “From “Wild in the Streets” to “The Hip Hop Project””

We Must Engage Homeless Youth

Somewhere between today and the future there are a group of young people hanging out at the bus station or in the park. We come from poor, low-income, or middle class homes; we are young men and women; we are generally energetic and mostly optimistic about our lives. As well as being segregated from mainstreamContinue reading “We Must Engage Homeless Youth”