In Favor of Adultism?

Over at Wikipedia there’s a debate flaring over the article on adultism. Two trains of thought occur in this debate: one regarding the validity of the article and whether there are enough reliable sources in the article to make it a legitimate Wikipedia article; the second focused on the validity of adultism as a topicContinue reading “In Favor of Adultism?”

Wikipedia Articles

After spending three years and 100s of hours on the cause I am wrapping up my time served as a-lot-of-time Wikipedia editor. Contributing as “Freechild” and a few anonymous IP addresses, I have created more than 400 articles, including dozens about the issues I originally explored on the Freechild Project website. Following are some ofContinue reading “Wikipedia Articles”

Young People as Enviable

This is post 2 of 5 exploring popular perceptions of young people today. Marketers have spent more than a half century trying to convince consumers to buy the image of youth being a perfect time, filled with frivolity and carelessness. Literature portrays an idyllic time of life that is airy, unassuming and light. Pop musicContinue reading “Young People as Enviable”

Insight from the “Dark Side”

Marketing is a disgusting beast of an animal that sucks the souls of humans to feed the beast of greed. Marketers created “youth”, inclusive of the developmental stage of life and the social notion of a certain way of being. Now that it exists, they relentlessly sell it: shoes, music, clothes, body styles, education, andContinue reading “Insight from the “Dark Side””

Malcolm X + Intergenerational Equity

“We don’t just want a seat at the counter – we want to own the counter”– Malcolm X With this quote, Malcolm X was laying down the opening salvo in a much larger battle than the battle for equality. In a simplistic reading, he was saying that instead of simply being given the chance toContinue reading “Malcolm X + Intergenerational Equity”

Yes, Paige, Yours is a Conscious Generation

In the ongoing battle against ingnorance in psuedo-liberal journalism, yet another 20-something is smashing her generation by proudly proclaiming her new-found understanding that, “…my generation missed political action class. Perhaps it fell through the public school cracks somewhere… and the current state of our own country was never mentioned.” Paige Doughty, a seemingly globe-trotting MasterContinue reading “Yes, Paige, Yours is a Conscious Generation”

Dangerous Crossings

There is a problem that plagues almost every attempt CommonAction has made to promote youth engagement in schools and communities. I’m not niave: this same problem affects every movement to promote inclusive democracy. That problem, you ask? The System. The System was created a long, long time ago by a group of well-to-do white men,Continue reading “Dangerous Crossings”

Freechild, Race, Economics, and Identity

Did I mention I’m from a ‘hood? Growing up as a poor white kid in a poor and working class neighborhood was a powerful experience, and I am committed to spending the rest of my life learning from the experiences I had as a young person, and as an adult who had that experience asContinue reading “Freechild, Race, Economics, and Identity”