Youth Hyperbole of the Day

Two murders by two sets of teens within a week in two towns somewhere in America: Get ready for the onslaught of generalizations, hyperbole, and overall negative news about the state of youth today. Once again, we’ll see the media overhype these particular situations to serve their own purposes. In reality, young people murder youngContinue reading “Youth Hyperbole of the Day”

Stop Attacking Youth!

Another day, another article slamming young people for not being activists. This one comes from the Left, effectively making its author a fremeny to youth activists today. (He joins these hallowed ranks with Todd Gitlin, among others.) This well-meaning, but poorly informed narrative generally leaves readers with the following points: There isn’t any/enough youth activismContinue reading “Stop Attacking Youth!”

Youth Power in 2012

Long-ranging, deep, effective social change largely happens through communication, people talking with people. Education and entertainment are tools of manipulation as well as enlightenment, and they work to change society.  In mainstream social change, the 1960s and 70s hippies in the U.S. relied on educating their peers and young people in order to bring moreContinue reading “Youth Power in 2012”

Most Popular Posts of 2011

Alright, here are the most popular posts of 2011 written by Adam Fletcher for the CommonAction Consulting blog. Enjoy! When Youth Leaders Sell Out,  Why Adultism Must Stop, All Engagement Matters, Heartspace: The Engine of Personal Engagement, The Rough Moments, Brand New Youth, Anti-Adultism Parenting Resources, What Did We Do?, 20 Steps Towards Youth Engagement, reading “Most Popular Posts of 2011”

See Young People

The epidemic focused on denying young people’s role in modern society continues. In the last week I have seen two articles that attack the very existence of youth today, albeit from two different angles. A major problem with these two specific articles is that they come from within the so-called “youth movement.” Nancy Lublin, theContinue reading “See Young People”

DMV Crash Crisis Reaches Fever Pitch!

For years I’ve been reading media analyses of youth issues by renowned scholars and academics like Henry Giroux and Mike Males. A post on Facebook by a friend of mine inspires my first chance to share an observation of my own called, “DMV Crash Crisis Reaches Fever Pitch!” For years the public has been bombardedContinue reading “DMV Crash Crisis Reaches Fever Pitch!”