Olympia—Partners Needed for a Youth Event

Talking with a number of young people in Olympia in informal settings, I recently discovered there is a desire for a youth leadership training for them. However, without money to attend, these “nontraditionally engaged” youth don’t feel like they can do it. So I’m going to pull together a one-day youth action training here inContinue reading “Olympia—Partners Needed for a Youth Event”

Generation TECH

My friend Scott runs a program called Generation TECH. Over the last 10 years he’s been working with Dennis Harper to pilot and develop and assess and redevelop a model for engaging students as tech experts in schools. In that time, 100s of schools have used the program, and wonderful things have happened. He isContinue reading “Generation TECH”

We Must Engage Homeless Youth

Somewhere between today and the future there are a group of young people hanging out at the bus station or in the park. We come from poor, low-income, or middle class homes; we are young men and women; we are generally energetic and mostly optimistic about our lives. As well as being segregated from mainstreamContinue reading “We Must Engage Homeless Youth”