3 Secrets of Adults Who Help Youth

As teachers, youth workers, parents, counselors, and other adults who work with young people every single day, we have our secrets. They’re not true for every adult, and being able to admit them takes courage, especially when we admit them to other adults we work with. In my new book, Ending Discrimination Against Young People, IContinue reading “3 Secrets of Adults Who Help Youth”

An Imperative for Youth Empowerment

What is the missing element in almost all youth empowerment work today? It is an awareness of discrimination against young people. We don’t like to hear it, but EVERY adult discriminates. While an increasing amount of people are concerned about racism, sexism, classism, or homophobia, that’s not what I’m talking about here. Today, I wantContinue reading “An Imperative for Youth Empowerment”

Rules for Parent Engagement in Schools

This is me facilitating a parent workshop in Yakima, Washington, in 2011. When parent engagement is supported, students can truly succeed throughout education. Parents must be empowered to be fully partners with educators and students if education is going to meet the needs of the modern era. These Rules for Parent Engagement in Schools offerContinue reading “Rules for Parent Engagement in Schools”

Recognizing Systems of Adultism

It is important to look beyond individual ways that people discriminate and are discriminated against to see that there are systems that define, support, promote, and sustain adultism. Everyone is affected by systems of adultism. The ways that adultism surfaces are so broad that it can feel overwhelming to try to name them. Systems of adultism stack up andContinue reading “Recognizing Systems of Adultism”

Elements of Successful Community Engagement

The nature of community programs continues to evolve. More than ever, nonprofits, government agencies, and other programs are being challenged to transform their goals, activities, assessments, and resources in order to motivate, educate, and engage people beyond simple participation. In a time when many communities are stuck in a malaise, community programs require a realignment to growContinue reading “Elements of Successful Community Engagement”

Raising Kids to Change the World

The last nine years of my life have been an active experiment for me. My daughter was born in August 2003, and every day since then she has changed my life. That’s the experience for me. The experiment I’ve been living is one based on emperical and scientific data that I’d collected throughout my young career andContinue reading “Raising Kids to Change the World”

Engaging Babies and Kids

Is there a time for youth engagement? Recently I was leading a workshop when a parent asked me that question. I answered by explaining that engagement happens from the youngest years and onward. Here’s a section from my youth engagement writings about the topic of engaging infants and children. All people should be engaged onContinue reading “Engaging Babies and Kids”

Why Adultism Must Stop

Just over 200 years ago, sociology was born. As a science, it hadn’t existed before that in any substantive way. Within 50 years, sociologists had imposed their scientific conceptualization onto education, which emerged as a field in the late 19th century. Pedagogy, which is the science of education, didn’t exist until then. Both sociology andContinue reading “Why Adultism Must Stop”

Anti-Adultism Parenting Resources

Ten years ago, when I began full-time training and consulting about adultism, there were four publications about adultism. Anywhere. None of them were written for parents, and only one of them mentioned parenting. Eight years ago when I became a parent I became determined to teach my peers about adultism. You can find the listContinue reading “Anti-Adultism Parenting Resources”

Why “Youth Empowerment” Fails Us (for Maggie)

A while back I wrote a post called Youth Involvement as a Kludge where I described how youth involvement programs can actually become bigger problems than they are solutions. My friend Maggie responded with the following question: I don’t know how to become an equal [with youth] without losing my authority; how to give youthContinue reading “Why “Youth Empowerment” Fails Us (for Maggie)”