Why Adultism Must Stop

Just over 200 years ago, sociology was born. As a science, it hadn’t existed before that in any substantive way. Within 50 years, sociologists had imposed their scientific conceptualization onto education, which emerged as a field in the late 19th century. Pedagogy, which is the science of education, didn’t exist until then. Both sociology andContinue reading “Why Adultism Must Stop”

Kids Getting Older Younger

The Freechild Project has faced charges of wanting to create “little adults”: young people who have with knowledge and/or abilities thought to be the divine provenance of adults. In one online rant an writer rails against the Freechild website, saying that Freechild.org – more accurately imprisonchild.org – encourages practices that are meant to integrate childrenContinue reading “Kids Getting Older Younger”

A New Youth Movement Glossary

As youth action becomes more sophisticated, a entirely new crop of words are coming into popular use. You may have found some of them scattered throughout http://www.YoungerWorld.org, but I’m not the first one to use them. Following is some of the language, old and new, that is useful to describe different elements to the movementContinue reading “A New Youth Movement Glossary”

Getting the Story Straight

Society is usually schizophrenic in the ways it treats youth. But once in a while, it goes from being schizophrenic to actually telling the truth. That truth is hidden though, and today I want to expose it. I usually try to leave these complicating exposures to the individuals and organizations that are very good atContinue reading “Getting the Story Straight”

The Synthetic Wilderness of Chilhood

The latest edition of Harpers magazine, Donovan Hohn shares an essay called “Moby-Duck, or, the Synthetic Wilderness of Childhood”. While telling the story of a load of rubber ducks that float across the oceans and around the world, Hohn explores society’s perceptions of childhood today. There is an entire section on how the way societyContinue reading “The Synthetic Wilderness of Chilhood”

Introduction to Pedophobia

I wrote the following article for Wikipedia, and for a while it was being threatened with deletion as some of the editors there didn’t feel it worthy of inclusion. The consensus was to keep it, but for the sake of sharing I thought I would include it here. I have expanded on it a bit,Continue reading “Introduction to Pedophobia”