We Are Limitless

I grew up around alchoholics, gamblers, cheaters, and liars. People who sold their souls and materials to serve their vanity, egos, narcissism, and greed were always around my house, smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee, sobering up and trying to move on with their lives. In all my different work with young people, I have beenContinue reading “We Are Limitless”

How Do YOU See Youth?

The movement for children’s participation seems to be strengthening around the world. Between the forceof the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the massive technological transformations occurring, governments, nonprofits, schools, and other institutions are being forced to reconsider their assumptions about young people. In public health, education, and the environment, children’s participation isContinue reading “How Do YOU See Youth?”

In Favor of Adultism?

Over at Wikipedia there’s a debate flaring over the article on adultism. Two trains of thought occur in this debate: one regarding the validity of the article and whether there are enough reliable sources in the article to make it a legitimate Wikipedia article; the second focused on the validity of adultism as a topicContinue reading “In Favor of Adultism?”

Becoming the Problem

For a long time it seemed to me that the problem was aging out: Every youth becomes an adult. At some point after that, adults become voters, workers, and taxpayers. It appeared that in that process most lost touch with their own experiences as children and youth. They develop indifference towards young people today, andContinue reading “Becoming the Problem”

Ironic Exposure

A person studying the Sunday morning comics for adultism and forms of anti-youth discrimination could die a thousand deaths from over-exposure. Somewhere between “For Better or For Worse” and “Sally Forth” it’s laid on heavy. Even my childhood favorite Garfield gets in on it on occasion. That’s why today’s “Family Circus” is a little relieving.Continue reading “Ironic Exposure”

More on the Prevention Summit

I forgot to mention that these last two days I’ve been at the Washington Prevention Summit. The Summit, held annually for a long time, is a gathering of youth and adults who participate in alcohol and other drug prevention activities across the state. There is a hodgepodge of communities represented among the 700 participants here,Continue reading “More on the Prevention Summit”

Rethinking Prevention

Waiting for a young person to fail before engaging them in their own education is a terrible route to finding your voice. Allowing young people to use drugs, letting them drop out of school, watching them tear themselves and their lives apart is messed up. And yet when I talk about reaching youth and connectingContinue reading “Rethinking Prevention”

Young People as Enviable

This is post 2 of 5 exploring popular perceptions of young people today. Marketers have spent more than a half century trying to convince consumers to buy the image of youth being a perfect time, filled with frivolity and carelessness. Literature portrays an idyllic time of life that is airy, unassuming and light. Pop musicContinue reading “Young People as Enviable”