We Are Limitless

I grew up around alchoholics, gamblers, cheaters, and liars. People who sold their souls and materials to serve their vanity, egos, narcissism, and greed were always around my house, smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee, sobering up and trying to move on with their lives. In all my different work with young people, I have beenContinue reading “We Are Limitless”

PETS: People-to-People Partnerships

Click here for other topics in this series… When we interact as neighbors, parents, coworkers, children, students, lovers, customers, or supervisors, we’re engaging with others, person-to-person. People-to-people partnerships are ways that we experience Personal Engagement in intimate, intentional connection with others. Intentionally formed, they can enhance, stabilize and deepen relations between people of all ages,Continue reading “PETS: People-to-People Partnerships”

Disruptive Dignity

Standing in the shadows of downtown Manhattan, I see a city mustering the courage to face another day. Its a short while after 9/11, and the scars that redefined the NYC’s existence are palpable. The early morning cabs and buses are greeted by flower delivery trucks and slow motion service workers making their way to serveContinue reading “Disruptive Dignity”