The Tree of Adultism

The Tree of Adultism shows how the roots are formed by discrimination against young people. In my book, Ending Discrimination Against Young People, I explain how all these different aspects are borne of discrimination against young people. As they emerge in our lives, they are exhibited through formal and informal ways that are present inContinue reading “The Tree of Adultism”

Youth Hyperbole of the Day

Two murders by two sets of teens within a week in two towns somewhere in America: Get ready for the onslaught of generalizations, hyperbole, and overall negative news about the state of youth today. Once again, we’ll see the media overhype these particular situations to serve their own purposes. In reality, young people murder youngContinue reading “Youth Hyperbole of the Day”

A Disimagination Machine

People who remember court madness through pain, the pain of the perpetually recurring death of their innocence; people who forget court another kind of madness, the madness of the denial of pain and the hatred of innocence. – James Baldwin When I was 23, I started writing about my career. Studying at The Evergreen StateContinue reading “A Disimagination Machine”

Adultism and Classism

After getting prompted to expand on it in the “I Fight Adultism!” group on facebook, tonight I’m thinking about the inseparable connection between adultism and classism. Definitions Adultism is bias towards adults. Classism is discrimination against someone because of their social class. Class is the grouping of people according to their social, economic, or educational status.Continue reading “Adultism and Classism”

White Culture Dominates Youth Engagement

White middle class culture dominates youth engagement. As the predominant culture in the U.S. today, white people operate many of the nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and education institutions where youth engagement activities occur throughout our society. In most communities, white people like me create the policy, write the grants, operate the programs, identify the participants,Continue reading “White Culture Dominates Youth Engagement”

Puddles of Youth Engagement

Changing our minds is necessary for successful youth engagement in schools and communities. Coming to understand the absolute dire necessity for youth engagement and understanding the inherent ethical demands therein is essential for everyone. This is particularly true for adults who work with and for young people everyday, including parents, teachers, youth workers, politicians, andContinue reading “Puddles of Youth Engagement”

Public Intellectuals? Try Public Students Instead.

Schools must aspire to be more than just dispersing knowledge to the willing. Reducing education to a commodified exchange is one of the lowest common denominators in human existence. It makes educators and students powerless to affect change in their learning, let alone the world. Everyone involved becomes incapable of acting in democratic relationships.  Continue reading “Public Intellectuals? Try Public Students Instead.”

Activity: Songs About School

Adam’s Note: The following activity is designed for people who want to use music to engage students in critically analyzing the purpose of schools. It’s not for everyone, everywhere, and can produce challenging conversations afterwards, particularly in a school setting. However, by approaching students from a forthright, honest perspective, I (and hundreds of educators whoContinue reading “Activity: Songs About School”

The Art of Dangerous Times

We are living in increasingly dangerous times. Surrounded by the politics of neoliberalism and the death of democracy, young people are becoming increasingly agitated by the apparent ineptitude of the government and economic forces to create long-standing justice; more so, they are becoming aware as never before of the effects of the government and corporationsContinue reading “The Art of Dangerous Times”