Adam Fletcher Writes About Schools

Recently, I was asked what I’d written about schools and learning. Beginning my career with twelve years as an informal educator working in education and community settings, I have spent the last decade as an advocate and author for school reform. Two decades in, I think its best to summarize my writing with this summaryContinue reading “Adam Fletcher Writes About Schools”

CommonAction Citation Round Up

In this month’s citation roundup, I’ve uncovered a variety of new publications and websites that are using CommonAction’s materials in a variety of ways. Included here are organizations, books, websites, blogs, and other sources that have used our materials. I have only recently uncovered these. “It is not enough to simply listen to student voice.Continue reading “CommonAction Citation Round Up”

Meaningful Student Involvement: Guide to students as partners in school change

In 2007, I finished a series of booklets introducing my vision for education called “Meaningful Student Involvement”. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of K-12 schools, government education agencies, and learning-focused nonprofits to teach my philosophy. Preparing for a presentation today in Spokane, Washington, for 21st Century Community Learning Center sites from across theContinue reading “Meaningful Student Involvement: Guide to students as partners in school change”

Get Loud!

I’ve just finished working on Get Loud! Youth Engagement Workshop Guide. An exciting, hands-on, and effective learning tool, the guide provides 24 workshop outlines for youth workers, teachers, and others who want to engage young people. I wrote it for a variety of audiences with the idea that the workshops can be used in youth programs,Continue reading “Get Loud!”

Top 10 Youth Voice Publications

There is a lot of chatter out there about listening to youth, engaging young people, and promoting meaningful youth involvement. But sometimes it is hard to find resources that value what you think and feel as someone committed to young people and social change. Following are the Top 10 Youth Voice publications I have foundContinue reading “Top 10 Youth Voice Publications”

Free Book: Engaging the Whole Child

After all this work I’ve done in the inter-related, yet disparate topics related to the roles of young people throughout society, I believe I have come to deeply understand the nature of needing to engage the whole young person. I’ve written about it, trained on it, and helped many other people understand this concept inContinue reading “Free Book: Engaging the Whole Child”

Giving Youth Life Sentences: Efren Paredes, Jr.

Efren Paredes, Jr. was a 16-year-old Latino honors student in southwest Michigan, not far from Chicago, when he was convicted of armed robbery and first degree murder for the shooting death of grocery store manager Rick Tetzlaff. He was found guilty and sentenced to multiple life terms. He is among the 300 people in theContinue reading “Giving Youth Life Sentences: Efren Paredes, Jr.”

Evolving Roles for Young People

“Education should not be the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a flame.”– William Butler Yates In the early 1800s it was common for non-enslaved Blacks in the United States to take the last name “Freeman” as a testimony to their freedom. Since that time young people have become bound by the ongoingContinue reading “Evolving Roles for Young People”

Freechild Activity for YOUR Classrom

I think I’ve mentioned the new series on youth activism coming out from the Capstone Press? Last month I finished consulting on a four book series for middle school students, each focused on topics like social justice, the environment, and animal rights. Well, I’m excited to note that I just found out that McGraw-Hill, aContinue reading “Freechild Activity for YOUR Classrom”