White Culture Dominates Youth Engagement

White middle class culture dominates youth engagement. As the predominant culture in the U.S. today, white people operate many of the nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and education institutions where youth engagement activities occur throughout our society. In most communities, white people like me create the policy, write the grants, operate the programs, identify the participants,Continue reading “White Culture Dominates Youth Engagement”

Student Responses to Race

Today I went to Chief Sealth High School in Seattle to view a performance of the “Rough Eagles” performance. For the third year, a group of students from a high school in Seattle’s middle and upper class north end and with a group of students from a high school in Seattle’s working class south end.Continue reading “Student Responses to Race”

Seattle Student Equity Project

Today I continued the early planning process for the Seattle Student Equity Project. I am working with Ray Williams, the Race and Equity Relations Office coordinator for the Seattle Public Schools district. We’re pulling together a project for student/adult-partnered teams from 20 Seattle high school sites that focus on diversity and meaningful student involvement. StudentsContinue reading “Seattle Student Equity Project”