How to Start Engaging Children and Youth

As a seasoned youth worker, I have met my share of “good kids”. You know, the ones who were excited to do activities and eager to please adults? Generally, they are excited at the right times, attentive when they’re supposed to be, and friendly almost all the time. I was not one of those kidsContinue reading “How to Start Engaging Children and Youth”

Tall Pedestals for Old People

There’s a tricky space for adults as we grow up in our community work. Spending all these years working with children and youth, I’m treated with more respect than ever before. Young people quiet when I speak, and older people lean in to listen. My peers recognize the experience I have and the knowledge I’veContinue reading “Tall Pedestals for Old People”

Addendum: Not Post-Youth

I want to add something to my earlier post on “So-Called Youth Issues“: we’re not in an era of some type of “post-youth” analysis. While I want young people to focus on issues that are beyond their demographic, I do not want adults to think that for one minute we should respond in kind by ending our workContinue reading “Addendum: Not Post-Youth”

My Learning Community Grows

These last few weeks my blog posts have been on the road, as I’ve traveled almost 5000 miles to and from the Northeast on two different trips. During these two trips, both at the insistence of my friend and colleague Giselle Martin-Kniep. I met Giselle last year during a project we were both working onContinue reading “My Learning Community Grows”

The Feeling of Adult Privilege …

On Saturday I was on a panel at OneWorldNow’s “Get Global” Conference in Seattle. I shared the table with three excellent folks: Harriett Poni Dumba of the Southern Sudanese Women’s Association of Washington, Anthony Jewett of Bardoli Global in Houston, and Chris Fontana from Global Visionaries in Seattle. It was awesome to be able toContinue reading “The Feeling of Adult Privilege …”

Malcolm X + Intergenerational Equity

“We don’t just want a seat at the counter – we want to own the counter”– Malcolm X With this quote, Malcolm X was laying down the opening salvo in a much larger battle than the battle for equality. In a simplistic reading, he was saying that instead of simply being given the chance toContinue reading “Malcolm X + Intergenerational Equity”